Assistance Funds- The SBA of AL Assistance Fund is a program designed to assist Alabama families and individuals affected by Spina Bifida purchase medically necessary equipment, supplies and services. 

Eligible Categories for Assistance

  • Medical expenses
  • Equipment
  • Therapy
  • Urological supplies
  • Continence products for individuals over the age of 3

Assistance Fund Application and guidelines

Quarterly Newsletter- Every quarter (4 times annually), a newsletter is sent to each of our members as well as our contributors and donors. This newsletter includes up to date medical information as well as informational articles pertinent to families and individuals affected by Spina Bifida. We also include event photos, announcements for upcoming activities, membership information, and awareness and fundraising opportunities. This program allows us to stay in contact with our members on a regular basis and provides ways for our members to get involved. Frequently members are asked to write articles to provide new perspectives and support to all of the families we represent.

Family Connections- The family connections program plans activities and meetings across the state aimed at connecting members to others with Spina Bifida in their communities. The purpose of this program is to promote opportunities to build self-esteem, physical wellness, and early independence skills; and to provide parents or caregivers with resources, information and a chance to connect with other parents. To find out more information on this program contact our staff.

New Parent Program- The purpose of the new parent program is to provide families with support beginning at birth that have been given a diagnosis of Spina Bifida. Through this program we provide each family with educational material, support, and a small gift. Currently the gift being given is a “taggie blanket.” Because of privacy laws, a family must contact us or give hospital personnel permission to do so. Expectant parents can also contact us for information or the opportunity to speak with families affected by Spina Bifida that live in their area of the state.

Nurse First - The nurse first program involves a representative from the SBA of AL attending nursing schools within the state to educate nursing students on facts about Spina Bifida and folic acid. The SBA of AL implements our Nurse First awareness project by targeting one of the most important resources we have within the medical profession: the nurse. A nurse’s primary responsibility is one on one care and education of patients. The nurse’s ability to work in a variety of settings during their career also allows them to reach a larger population of individuals. No other group or profession could more effectively spread awareness of the role of folic acid in the prevention of Spina Bifida than nurses.

Annual Learning Conference- Each year, the Spina Bifida Association of Alabama teams with The Children’s Hospital of Alabama to co-host a state conference that brings together individuals, families and professionals dedicated to the health and well being of people with Spina Bifida. The conference is held at the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham which is centrally located for those traveling for this informative all day conference. The purpose of the conference is to bring national experts on issues related to Spina Bifida to Alabama for our families. Through this program we also produce a conference binder of useful medical information that pertains to the topics discussed for each attendee.

Advanced Education Scholarships- The opportunity to apply for a scholarship to pursue higher education is available through our Advanced Education Scholarship Program. Each year up to 4 one-thousand dollar scholarships are given to deserving students from Alabama that meet certain predefined criteria. Each applicant must have graduated high school with a minimum 2.0 GPA. They must also write an essay and annually provide a copy of their grades for our review.

Advanced Education Scholarships

National Conference financial grant/ Camp Financial Grant- SBA of AL offers scholarship opportunities to assist families when attending the annual National Spina Bifida Conference or other camps or conferences. These camps and conferences must be geared toward helping families affected by Spina Bifida gain important medical and social information or experiences that promote health and independence. Grants are also offered to Alabama families through a grant from Alabama Council for Developmental Disabilities (ACDD) which focuses on helping families attend out of state conferences. Part of the requirement to receive the National Conference financial grant from the SBA of AL is to first apply to the ACDD.

Annual Christmas Party- The annual Christmas party is scheduled to be the first Sunday of each December and is a nice way to finish out the year saying thank you to our members. The party is sponsored by our Board of Directors; we ensure that there is plenty of fun, food and entertainment. At this party, we schedule a band, Santa, and a photographer. We work with Toys for Tots so that each child at the party receives a gift. This is a great way for our members to re-unite with people in the Spina Bifida community and renew old friendships.

Awareness- Our mission is to find every possible opportunity to educate others about Spina Bifida, its secondary effects, and its prevention. It is vitally important that women of child bearing age are provided with information on prevention of this birth defect through the intake folic acid before becoming pregnant. Our Association strives to raise awareness through community and medical presentations, spreading our message through various media resources, and in connection with our special events throughout the year.

Camp V.I.P. (Victory, Independence, Possibilities) is our weekend family camp. National Rehab partners with us to help host our summer camp at Children’s Harbor on Lake Martin. It is a fun-filled weekend packed with activities such as adaptive water skiing (Adaptive Aquatics instructors), tubing, fishing, swimming, canoeing, and many other incredible opportunities. There is also an educational aspect to each camp. At our first camp in 2012, we were blessed to have National Rehab nursing staff educate parents on wound care prevention and treatment and Children’s Hospital nursing staff give one-on-one self-catheterization training. Our 2015 camp is scheduled for July 31- August 2.  We will begin taking applications in April.


We want to thank Children's Harbor for helping us make this event possible by generously donating their facilities.  We couldn't have this amazing experience every year without them!

Mylar Balloon Program
- If you have a friend or family member with Spina Bifida who is in the hospital due to Spina Bifida related issues, please fill out the form below to have a mylar balloon delivered from our organization directly to their hospital room. We know that being in the hospital can be a scary and stressful time, so we would like to show our support and let them know that they are in our thoughts and prayers. request form

Fundraising Events

Bowl a thons- Gadsden, Birmingham, Huntsville, South Alabama

Golf Tournament- Birmingham,

Walk n Roll-Montgomery

Website and Electronic Networking- In an effort to follow the lead of technology and online communications, SBA of AL has implemented a web page,, and initiated a presence on Facebook with a Spina Bifida Association of Alabama page, a Group-Spina Bifida Connections-ALABAMA page, and a Spina Bifida Association of Alabama Adult Support page.

Mylar Baloon Program
If you have a friend or family member with Spina Bifida who is in the hospital due to Spina Bifida related issues, please fill out the form below to have a mylar balloon delivered from our organization directly to their hospital room. We know that being in the hospital can be a scary and stressful time, so we would like to show our support and let them know that they are in our thoughts and prayers.

Request Form